Which Famous Film Universals Were Hopelessly Ruined by Sequels

Star Wars

“Star Wars” with a sign “New Hope” started its triumph on the screens of cinemas all over the world in 1977. And in 1999 the series was back with “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. Though Jar Jar Binks was a bit annoying, in comparison with the new trilogy the previous one looks not so bad.

After the rights on “Star Wars” were sold to Disney, the franchise could be freely paid on. The audience will wonder about the “Mandalorian”? The serial is not bad, but we are talking about the movies, aren’t we?


The first “X-men” movie was released long time ago – in 1997. The plot was based on the Marvel comics. The first and the second parts were really cool, but the third one didn’t manage to maintain the standards. And the fourth film “X-Men: International” turned out to be a rare nonsense. The project could hardly get the income by gathering about 253 million with a budget of 110 million. And it’s a question to ask whether the director will shoot any of the rest films, so the trilogy was planned before the fiasco. 


Indiana Jones

The first part “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is telling about the adventures of an American archeologist Indiana Jones. The part was released in 1981. The first three parts were not perfect, but they were quite good as well. But the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” of 2008 has disappointed even the most devoted fans of Harrison Ford. To mention at least the fridge in which the main character was hiding from a nuclear explosion. And what to say about the promised fifth part…

The Terminator

Movie “The Terminator” of 1984 is another classic fiction action film which you can gladly watch even today, though the special effects are quite old. 

But in 2019 the “control blow” to the franchise was struck by the “Terminator: Dark Fate” film. Having the budget of 185 million the project managed to get about 258 million only.