Movie Scenes That Made Actors Feel Ashamed

“Game of Thrones” – Emilia Clarke.

You must have seen the famous Emilia Clark’s sex scene from “Game of Thrones” even if you did not watch the full show. In one of her interviews, the actress has spoken about the way it was filmed.

According to Emilia, her partner Jason Momoa wore a fluffy modesty sock during sex scenes to cover his penis. It made her laugh out loud so the scene had to be reshoot.

“50 Shades of Grey” – Dakota Johnson.

Both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan had a hard time acting in this movie. The actors claim that they are very shy in real life so they felt insecure during sex scenes. According to them, the worst part was that they had to reshoot some of these scenes for hours.

“Juno” – Ellen Page.

Ellen Page became worldwide famous thanks to this film. However, it has a scene in which Ellen’s character makes a gay joke when picking a name for her baby. The actress claims she still regrets that. It is easy to understand since Ellen Page is openly gay.

“A Dangerous Method” – Keira Knightley.

I highly recommend this wonderful film about the relationships between a doctor and his patient. Kiera Knightley confessed she had to drink vodka in order to prepare herself for one of the sex scenes. It helped her to reduce stress. The actress said she regrets it.

“The Twilight Saga” – Taylor Lautner.

The charming actor was upset with his work in the Twilight Saga, which made him popular. He said he should have turned down the role. According to Taylor, he was frustrated that everyone only cared about his athletic body but ignored his acting skills.