Mark Ruffalo’s Illness: Why The Actor Is Deaf In One Ear?

Mark Ruffalo claims that he had a dream back in 2001 in which he had a brain tumor. The actor was about to star in the 2002 movie Signs, but he had a very bad feeling about that dream. Therefore, he visited a doctor. It turned out that Mark indeed had a benign acoustic neuroma.

Doctors discovered a large tumor behind his left ear and shared bad predictions. The tumor had to be removed but the surgery was very dangerous. Doctors have  told him he had an 80% chance of losing his hearing and a 20% chance of losing his facial nerve.

Unfortunately, both of these predictions came true. The actor became deaf in one ear, and his left eye was wide open all the time.

According to Mark, he thought that his life was over at that point. His condition has not been improving for ten months straight. In one of his interviews, the Hollywood star claimed that he was overcome by despair and practically lost any hope.

It took a whole year for Mark Ruffalo to rehabilitate after the surgery. He did not have any problems with his eye anymore, but one of his ears remained deaf.

At first, Ruffalo thought that his forced career break has put an end to his acting career. Fortunately, his life started to get better soon enough. The actor continued to star in movies and his hard work paid off. In 2011, he was nominated for Oscar as the Best Supporting Actor for his role in the comedy-drama film The Kids Are All Right. Moreover, Mark Ruffalo joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and played Hulk in superhero movies, which made him even more famous and wealthy.