What Makes the Twilight Movies Stupid?

In my opinion, it is impossible to find a film more irrational and sillier than the Twilight movies. These fantasy films are filled with plot mistakes and strange moments.

For instance, why did the Cullens even bother attending high school? They are over one hundred years old, after all! Given their age, every member of the family could have became a PhD!

Another question I keep asking myself is why the vampire family was making dinner when they met Bella for the first time? They do not eat anything and only drink blood. Since Edward and Bella leave the house right away, all the food was made in vain.

By the way, there is no bed in Edward’s room. He just stands in the middle of the room at nights instead of sleeping?

Bella’s scent is another silly element of the movie. Not only Edward thinks that she smells like a yummy cake. Jasper is also barely stops himself from biting her. However, I have not seen the reason why vampires are so attracted to Bella’s blood. Edward seems to not care about the other school girls at all. Moreover, all the students are extremely friendly towards Bella but I do not see any reasons why she would become such popular so fast.

The entire movie series has many fails associated with blood. It seemed hilarious to me when Bella drank blood while being pregnant. She had such a strange look on her face like! I wonder what animals do they kill to produce blood. If they do not really care about animals, why do not they just breed hamsters? They reproduce very fast. Vampires could have been simply grinding hamsters in a blender to make blood cocktails.

And what about the Jacob’s unrequited love? That hot guy had to cut his hair, take off his shirt, get ripped, fix his car’s motor — and all of that just to get friendzoned.

I am not even going to mention the typical happy ending! They lived happily ever after for the whole eternity. What a boring finale!