Lucky Actors Who Had Sex Scenes with Jay Lo

Beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez has played plenty of roles in movies. Here are the luckiest guys who had the hottest scenes with her!

Matthew McConaughey, «The Wedding Planner»

Jennifer plays a wedding planner Mary, who fells in love with Steve. However, it turned out that he is a fiancé of her client. Obviously, it makes things between them very complicated. Will there be a happy ending?

Ralph Fiennes, «Madame Maid»

According to Zoomboola, in this film, the actor becomes Jennifer Lopez’s lover. Chris and Marisa look great together! However, he is hilariously rich while she is just a regular hotel maid. Jennifer’s heroine deceived her partner, though. Marisa said she is a girl from high society. Fortunately, love conquers all difficulties.

Ben Affleck, «Jersey Girl»

Jennifer has a very small role in this movie. She plays Gertrude, who dies during childbirth with an aneurism in the very beginning of the film. Her screen husband Ben Affleck. He is now a widower with a small daughter who needs to be raised and educated. The man gives up his career and moves to his father in the suburbs, where he meets Maya (Liv Tyler)…

Richard Gere, «Shall We Dance?»

Unlike the previous films, Jennifer does not have a romantic plot line in the 2004 comedy drama Shall We Dance. However, there is definitely a spark between her heroine Pauline and John played by Richard Gere. Each evening on his way to home, John sees a beautiful woman through the window of a dance studio. One night he decides to jump off the train and signs up for dancing lessons. From that moment on, his life changes dramatically…